Tails - This is the place

Sonic - *Bored tone* I’ll go down to get the crystal

Amy - Sonic and I will get the crystal. Knuckles and Tails, you stay back in case the villagers get attacked again

Knuckles - Who put YOU in charge?! I say Tails and I will stay back and protect the village, and you and SONIC will take the elevator! Hmph!

Sonic - *Shakes head condescendingly, as if annoyed* You win this round Knuckles

Sonic - *Serious ‘I mean business’ tone* Amy let’s go

1) Sonic’s voice sounds very unanimated and annoyed and kinda serious. He is VERY antisocial (I think Roger did a great job here regardless of what people were/are saying)

2) Amy. Subtle. Veeeery subtle.

3) Knuckles. We all know what kinda character ur gonna be. All brawn and no brain

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